Optimizing Bing SEO And Google SEO Simultaneously – Some Tips And Comparisons

If your going to do any advertising on your articles you going to need a lot of traffic on  your page to take advantage of the opportunity. Traffic has always generally come from the search engines so you have to write your articles, format your page, and take care of some off page SEO concepts to get on the search engines good side. Many think Google is the only search engine they should focus on but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Bing has an incredible record for also sending a lot of traffic to pages, but many don’t take advantage of its Bing SEO concepts to tweak their page to also rank on Bing.

Sites That Don’t Rank First Page On Google Can Rank The Coveted first 10 links on Bing!

One thing that makes Bing a good search engine to study is that often things that won’t rank number 1 on Google can very well rank in the top ten spots on Bing. This would produce a lot of traffic and targeted traffic at that. Pages that rank high on Google generally are going to rank pretty high on Bing, but there are a few more things you have to set up on a Bing SEO’d page that may actually get you some more points on Google as well.

Let’s go over some of the main differences between the two and get to the bottom of how to optimize so both engines like your page

The first thing to look out for is that your page title is going to be a keyword other high PR sites or authority sites would use in their back-link anchor text. Google likes for the anchor text to be relevant to the landing page (where the link links to), but they don’t put as much emphasis on anchor text as Bing.  You want the anchor text of any back-links pointing to your page to be close to the actual title tag of your page. This to Bing seems to prove relevance, all other things considered. This step helps you on both search engines.

Google has a very fast patented technology for serving up results and ranking pages so speed is on their side. Because of this Google is banking on speed and quality to compete with Bing. Bing doesn’t put the same emphasis on speed as Google does and this is part of what makes Bing a better search engine to focus on if you want to serve up pages with flash components. Bing doesn’t ding you for having flash while Google seems to not like them as much as evidenced by a lack of flash component sites showing up on most highly competitive top ranking pages (search results first page). If you have a page with flash components you can use Bing to get a higher rank and likely more traffic to your site.

You can leverage both search engines to generate traffic to your page and many of the SEO factors that count on both engines can co-exist together on a page both with on and off page optimization.